Core values

Honesty & Integrity

We are committed to promoting the highest standards of honesty and integrity to ensure that all members of the community recognize the inherent benefits of living these ideals and to guarantee that academic performance is evaluated reliably and rewarded fairly.

Mutual Respect

We are committed to fostering an environment in which every member of the community nurtures the spirit of trust, teamwork, openness, and respect that is necessary to embrace and fully capitalize on our professional community.

Pursuit of Excellence

We are committed to creating an environment where all members of the community pursue the highest possible level of academic performance and personal development for themselves and other members of the community.

Personal Accountability

We are committed to fostering an environment where every member of the community understands and accepts responsibility for upholding and reinforcing our values.

Synergy through Team work

We focused on four necessary traits in order to become synergistic and succeed: A clear team purpose, solid communication, empowerment so the team can lead them, and finally make sure there is a commitment to the goal.


We are committed to creating an institution and a society where everyone is appreciated and judged based on their contributions and performance rather than gender, race, religion, physical abilities, sexual identity, or socioeconomic condition. Through the work of this institution, we will both create awareness of, and work to eliminate, individual and institutional racism.


We value the balance among teaching, scholarly activities, and service that capitalizes on the strengths and interests of the individual.

Experiential Learning

We embrace the philosophy and principles of experiential learning through the application of theoretical knowledge.


We embrace and encourage innovative curricula, teaching techniques, student discovery, entrepreneurial activities, and international outreach.


We pursue partnerships with industry, government, education, and alumni.


We promote a student-focused environment through personal and professional interactions among students, faculty and staff.


We recognize and embrace individual diversity. We are an inclusive community of scholars.


We embrace the tradition of career- focused education and core values of Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences through the integrity of our curriculum and instruction we instill these values in our students.



The Student Code of Conduct applies to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in any course or program at AITS Campus. It is the expectation of the Institute that all students will be good and respectful citizens. The Student Code of Conduct applies to on-campus or off-campus activities, Institute-sponsored or not. If conduct by students, in the judgment of the Institute, is deemed unbecoming in the interest of the Institute, the Institute reserves the right to conduct an administrative hearing or a hearing before the Student council.


Consistent with the Institute Mission, the purposes of the Code of Conduct are to:

Establish standards of personal conduct.

Provide for the advancement of knowledge and the development of ethically sensitive and responsible persons.

Recognize that students are adults and, as such, their relationships with the Institute community should reflect this.

Ensure fair treatment of students without regard to their race, color, national origin, sex, age, handicap, sexual orientation, or political or religious beliefs.


The Code of Conduct does not create contractual rights for students or impose limits on the Institute authority to regulate student conduct. As a private institution, the Institute may impose or withhold sanctions as the institute deems appropriate. The Principal, Dean of all functional units or the chief warden of residence life may modify the code of conduct at any time and for any reason.