Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The EEE department was started in the year 1998 with an intake of 40 and it is increased to 60 subsequently. AICTE and JNTU has given approval for two M.Tech Course for the academic year 2010-2011.

The Department is headed by Prof M. Padma Lalitha , Professor.


We envision the Department as one of the best in the region with a stimulating environment to make an impact on, and lead in the field through its Education and Research


The mission of the Department is to provide an excellent and comprehensive education in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering which inturnmould students for a wide range of careers and to exhibit a high level of professionalism, ethical behavior and social responsibility

Programme Educational Objectives

To experience success in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and other diverse fields that requires analytical and technical skills.

To prepare students to identify and implement global, societal needs and constraints in designing new technology/product and follow professional ethics.

To inculcate in students professional attitude, effective communication skills and leadership qualities to succeed in multi-disciplinary teams.

To promote students to pursue professional development by continuous learning relevant to their career.

Programme Outcomes

A graduate of the EEE program will demonstrate:

  • An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, Computer Science, electronics and electrical engineering.
  • An ability to design electrical and electronics circuits and conduct experiments with electrical engineering as well as to analyze and interpret data.
  • An ability to design digital and analog system pertaining to electrical systems.
  • An ability to visualize and work on multi-disciplinary tasks.
  • An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  • An ability to communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.
  • An ability to develop confidence for self-education and to understand the value of life-long learning.
  • An ability to recognize the impact of engineering on society.
  • An ability to acquire new knowledge to use modern engineering tools, Softwares and equipment to analyze problems necessary for engineering practice.
  • Knowledge of contemporary issues to undertake innovative projects.
  • An ability to use the techniques and skills to face and succeed in competitive examinations like GATE, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT etc.


Professor & HOD



Sl.No Name of the faculty Designation Qualification Date of joining
1 Dr.M.Padma Lalitha Professor & Head M.Tech. Ph.D 22.10.1999
2 Dr. V.C. Veera Reddy Professor M.Tech. Ph.D 05.10.2013
3 Dr. C. Sasikala Professor M.Tech. Ph.D 01.11.2013
4 Dr.R.A.Jai Kumar Professor M.E., Ph.D. 10.01.2016
5 Dr.Jeno paul Professor M.E., Ph.D. 01.02.2016
6 Dr.K.Srinivasan Professor M.E., Ph.D. 10.02.2016
7 Dr.B.S.Viswanath Professor M.E., Ph.D. 15.02.2016
8 Dr.M.C.John Wiselin Professor M.E., Ph.D. 15.02.2016
9 Dr.C.Senthil Singh Associate Professor M.E., Ph.D. 10.01.2016
10 Dr.P.Sankar Babu Associate Professor M.E., Ph.D. 01.02.2016
11 O.Hemakesavulu Associate Professor M.Tech. 18.02.2005
12 B.Murali Mohan Associate Professor M.Tech. 19.12.2007
13 Dr.P.B.Chennaiah Associate Professor M.Tech. Ph.D 01.09.2008
14 P.Bhaskara Prasad Associate Professor M.Tech. 10-12-2007
15 K.Harinath Reddy Associate Professor M.Tech. 19.09.2008
16 S.Sarada Associate Professor M.Tech. 25.09.2009
17 S.Anupama Associate Professor M.Tech. 10.06.2011
18 Dr.O.P.Suresh Associate Professor M.Tech., Ph.D. 07.02.2017
19 R.Madan Mohan Assistant Professor M.Tech. 22.06.2007
20 P.Harshvardhan Reddy Assistant Professor M.Tech. 09.12.2010
21 P.Suresh Babu Assistant Professor M.Tech. 04.06.2011
22 C.Ganesh Assistant Professor M.Tech. 14.06.2012
23 S.Muqathiar Ali Assistant Professor M.Tech. 14.06.2012
24 P. Munisekhar Assistant Professor M.Tech. 10.06.2013
25 Y. Nagaraja Assistant Professor M.Tech. 10.06.2013
26 B.N. Prasad Assistant Professor M.Tech. 01.11.2013
27 S. Ghouse Basha Assistant Professor M.Tech. 01.11.2013
28 N.Sreeramula Reddy Assistant Professor M.Tech. 26.06.2014
29 L.Baya Reddy Assistant Professor M.Tech. 23.06.2014
30 M.Palaprasad Reddy Assistant Professor M.Tech. 23.06.2014
31 M.Ramesh Assistant Professor M.Tech. 23.06.2014
32 S.Sanjeeva Rayudu Assistant Professor M.Tech. 28.06.2014
33 K.Hari Kishore Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech. 28.06.2014
34 D.Sai Krishna Kanth Assistant Professor M.Tech. 04.06.2015
35 C.Venkata Ramana Reddy Assistant Professor M.Tech. 10.06.2015
36 S.S.Deekshith Assistant Professor M.Tech. 15.06.2015
37 K.Sreedhar Assistant Professor M.Tech. 17.06.2015
38 M.Sai Sandeep Assistant Professor M.Tech. 19.06.2015
39 P.Ravindra Prasad Assistant Professor M.Tech. 27.05.2016
40 R.Sai Kiran Assistant Professor M.Tech. 30.05.2016
41 P.Pamuletaiah Assistant Professor M.Tech. 01.06.2016
42 P.Venkata Sarath Assistant Professor M.Tech. 06.06.2016
43 M.Mehatab Assistant Professor M.Tech. 03.09.2016
44 B.Sampoorna Lakshmi Assistant Professor M.Tech. 03.09.2016
45 C.S.Sai Prathyusha Assistant Professor M.Tech. 03.09.2016
46 N.Prakash Reddy Assistant Professor M.Tech. 06.09.2016
47 V.Ravi Theja Assistant Professor M.Tech. 01.11.2016
48 S.Nyamthulla Assistant Professor M.Tech. 01.11.2016
49 S.Sagar Reddy Assistant Professor M.Tech. 24.12.2016


UG Programme

The EEE branch was started in the year 1998 with an intake of 40 students and increased to 90 and 120 subsequently.

The Department is headed by Dr. M. Padmalalitha , Professor, who is actively monitoring the activities of the department. She is having more than 16 years of teaching experience.

The department is endowed with well qualified and experienced faculty members Some of the faculty members are doing post graduation through Quality Improvement Programme. The department has conducted a National Level Students conference on 19th March 2004. The department is endowed with well equipped labs which meets the standards specified with by the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur. The Department is accredited by NBA.

The following software and operating systems are available with the department. AICTE has accorded permission to start M.Tech. in EEE for the academic year 2006 - 07. OPERATING SYSTEMS :Windows XP/7/8,Linux, MATLAB

PG Programme

M.Tech Power systems Engineering-36 seats

M.Tech Electrical Power Systems - 18 seats

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Syllabus by Year & Semester Wise

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