Department of Master of Business Administration

About Department

The department is endowed with highly qualified and experienced faculty members with good expertise in three different specializations viz. Finance, Human Resource and Marketing which are offered by the department. The department is equipped with CMIE Prowess, SPSS Packages. The department regularly conducts seminars, quiz and Ad-games, case analysis among the students.

The department is headed by Dr.P.Subramanyam. He is having more than 14 years of experience.


To be a nationally prominent and internationally recognized department in academics and research activities with the aim of developing competitive professionals to serve the society and ever changing industry


  • To enable the students to be knowledgeable and creative by developing state–of-the-art curriculum and through innovative teaching methodologies.
  • Providing training programs that bridges the gap between academia and industry to produce competitive software professionals.
  • To inculcate values and ethics in the students enabling them to become socially committed professionals.
  • To enhance the research quality and productivity, by providing required facilities and industry collaboration.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO1. Explain and apply information technology to excel in professional career as an individual or as part of a team or as an entrepreneur and also to equip them with orientation towards research and development.

PEO2. Analyze real life problems design and develop solutions through the knowledge of mathematics, computing and management principles that are socially acceptable.

PEO3. Exhibit professional ethics and communication skills; engage in lifelong learning and to adapt emerging technologies and tools.

Programme Outcomes

MBA graduates of Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences (Autonomous) will able to do the following at the time of graduation.

  • An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, computing and management principles appropriately to model the software applications.
  • An ability to identify, formulates problem definition for real life problems, analyze the literature and provide software solutions.
  • An ability to use research based knowledge including design and development of algorithms, analysis and interpretation of data and synthesis of information to provide valid conclusion.
  • An ability to design, implements, and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program of varying complexity as per needs and specifications.
  • An ability to apply the computing and management principles to manage projects as an individual or as a member or as a leader in a team and in multidisciplinary environments.
  • An ability to adapt current technologies and to understand, select, use and in addition, create modern tools necessary for computing practices.
  • An ability to adapt Professional ethics, cyber regulations, social issues and responsibilities.
  • An ability to communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.
  • An ability to analyze the local and global impact of software solutions on individuals, organizations and society.
  • An ability to recognize the need and engage in self learning for continual development as a management professional.


Assoc.Professor & HOD


Sl.No Name of the faculty Designation Qualification
1 Dr. P. Subramanyam Asst. Professor & HOD M.B.A., Ph.D.
2 Dr. B. Abdul Azeem Associate Professor M.B.A., Ph.D.
3 S.Md. Azash Asst. Professor M.H.R.M.
4 K. Subba Reddy Asst. Professor M.B.A.
5 K. Bhaskar Asst. Professor M.B.A.
6 V. Mouneswari Asst. Professor M.B.A.
7 V. Bhagyamma Asst. Professor M.B.A.
8 S. Partha Sarathi Asst. Professor M.B.A.
9 V. Vedavathi Asst. Professor M.B.A.
10 P. Venkata Subbaiah Asst. Professor M.B.A.
11 A. Aswini Asst. Professor M.B.A.
12 Dr. T. Navaneetha Asst. Professor M.B.A., Ph.D.
13 Dr. J. Sivaji Asst. Professor M.B.A., Ph.D.
14 G. Venkata Krishna Reddy Asst. Professor M.B.A.
15 B. Surendra Raju Asst. Professor M.B.A.
16 V. Prathap Reddy Asst. Professor M.B.A.
17 P. Sreenivasula Reddy Asst. Professor M.B.A.
18 K. Kavitha Asst. Professor M.B.A.
19 M. Santhamma Asst. Professor M.B.A.
20 P. Shilpa Asst. Professor M.B.A.
22 H. Sunil Kumar Reddy Asst. Professor M.B.A.
23 M. Siva Sailaja Asst. Professor M.B.A.
24 K. Archana Asst. Professor M.B.A.
21 V. Amala Asst. Professor M.B.A.


Research & Development

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Syllabus by Year & Semester Wise

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