Research & Development Cell

About R&D Cell

Since its inception , Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences (AITS) Rajampet has been striving to develop itself into an institution of excellence in education and research in consonance with the contemporary and future needs of the society through meaningful education, research and leadership in technological innovation for the industrial growth of the country. With the path-breaking innovations in both its curriculum and research, the institute is rapidly gaining a good reputation among the institutions in Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh. The research philosophy has progressed from inter-department collaboration, to inter –institutional partnerships at national and international levels. The scope and scale of research has substantially evolved from the era of student project dissertations at UG and PG level,Ph.D. theses of research scholars and to funded projects.

In addition to offering formal undergraduate and post-graduate programs in engineering, management and computer applications, the institute actively encourages its faculty to undertake sponsored and consultancy research projects in order to strengthen the research profile of the institute. AITS provide an excellent environment for research and development activities. These projects are very important for maintaining external and global linkages and are also a source of revenue to the institute. These are coordinated through the coordinator, research and development. An account is maintained with the accounts section of the institute for each project. Various aspects of project management, i.e., initiation of proposal, opening of an account with the office, appointment of project staff, purchases and hiring, travel, submission of report etc. are routed through the research and development cell. The procurement for R&D projects is processed by the purchase committee in accordance with the purchase rules of the institute.

Faculty members of one department are always encouraged to collaborate with the faculty members of other departments of AITS and other researchers of various institutions for carrying out research in the area of their expertise and other inter disciplinary areas globally.

Research and development Cell is headed by the coordinator, Research and development and setup to provide specialized administrative and managerial support for the operation of sponsored research, consultancy and other related activities of the institute. The R & D Cell facilitates interaction with experts and eminent personalities from external agencies like IITs, NITs, ISRO and other reputed universities at national level. The R & D Cell acts as a liaison between the institute and funding agency to undertake sponsored projects.

Dr MC Raju

Professor, Department of Humanities & Sciences : is the Officer In-charge R&D Establishment will administrate office activities, establishment, licensing/ Patenting of technologies resulting from R&D, MOUs with industries, academic/research institutions, Institute’s inter-disciplinary Qualitative Research Journal and other office related activities.


Aims & Objectives

In order to promote research and development activities, the college extends its full support to students/faculty/staff. Full/Partial financial support is given to all innovative research & development works taken up by the students, faculty and staff members. The college encourages students, faculty and staff to participate in National/International Conferences, Training programs, Tech-Festivals organized by reputed institutes (IITs/NITs/State Universities/ Autonomous colleges etc.) by giving full/partial financial support viz. course/registration fee, TA/DA etc. The detailed objectives are given below.

  • To motivate the faculty members for improving their knowledge, skills and qualifications by registering in doctoral and post-doctoral research studies.
  • To encourage staff members and students to publish technical papers in reputed national and international journals, preferably in Scopus indexed journals / SCI / SCIE journals, by providing the financial assistance.
  • To encourage the faculty members to attend and present their papers in national and international conferences whose proceedings are published with reputed publishers like ACM/ IEEE/ Elsevier/ Springer/ T&F / Inder science /equivalent journals, by providing the financial assistance.
  • To create awareness and opportunities in Research and Development among the students & faculty and to create Research and Development atmosphere in every department.
  • To create interest and competitive atmosphere among the staff members to take up Research projects.
  • To encourage faculty members of all the disciplines in Engineering/Science /Humanities in R&D activities for their professional growth.
  • To undertake research activities and development projects offered by agencies such as ISRO, DRDO, CSIR, DST, AICTE, UGC, DBT, INFOSYS, etc.
  • To motivate the students towards innovative projects by assisting financially through internal funding.
  • To assist the students to apply funding for conducting research under student project scheme to various funding agencies IEI (I), DRDO, TCS, Infosys etc.
  • To assist for applying and getting funds for conducting Seminar/Workshop/FDP from various available funding agencies.
  • To maintain and disseminate current information about relevant research policy areas and initiatives in government, in the professions and in relevant industries, including external funding opportunities.
  • To work with various departments to establish and develop faculty research priorities on interdisciplinary areas.
  • To interact with industry, government, professions and the wider community on all research matters promote faculty research activities to external stakeholders.
  • To coordinate faculty level workshops and staff development activities on research-related issues.
  • To encourage development of activities to attract the best research oriented higher degree students.
  • To maintain effective links with government departments, authorities, business, and commerce and industry organizations relevant to the college research activities.



Mechanical Engineering department is recognized as Research Centre by the parent university JNTUA, Anantapuramu. The students admitted during the past 3 years are listed below.


Name of the Scholar

Roll No

Date of Registered

Research topic


E. Jayakiran Reddy



Web-oriented consumer centric function based parametric modeling using knowledge based system


A. Bhargav



Research outline on reconfigurable manufacturing system production scheduling





Modeling and development of cryogenic fluid thermal analysis of storage vessel

Thrusted Areas

The faculty members of this institute are working on the following research disciplines.

  • English
    • English literature
    • English Language teaching
    • American Literature
    • Commonwealth literature
    • Indian Literature
    • Comparative literature
  • Physics
    • Thin films
    • Nanoparticles
    • Nano Materials
    • Polymer Nanocomposites
  • Chemistry
    • Electro analytical chemistry
    • Organic synthetic chemistry
    • Bio organic chemistry
    • Medicinal chemistry
    • Material science
  • Civil Engineering
    • Structures
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Water Resources Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
    • Fluid dynamics
    • Heat and Mass Transfer
    • Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids
    • Nanofluids
    • Flows through porous media
  • Computer Applications
    • Mobile networks
  • Information Technology
    • Internet of things
    • Network security
    • Big data
    • Cloud computing
    • Image processing
    • Data ware housing and data mining
  • Business Administration
    • HRM
    • Fiance
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • Automobile Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Thermal Engineering
    • Production Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Mobile Communications
    • Data Mining
    • Software Engineering
    • Wireless Body Area Networks
    • Computer Architecture
    • Cyber Security
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    • Power Systems
    • Control Systems
    • Power Electronics
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
    • Wireless communication
    • Image processing
    • Embedded systems (fault tolerant systems)
    • VLSI
    • Satellite Image processing
    • Bio medical Image processing

To encourage the research activities among the faculty members the followingincentives are given:

Paper presentations in conferences:


For  a national conference



For an International conference in India



For international conference in India, if the proceedings are published with reputed publishers like ACM/ IEEE/ Elsevier/ Springer/ T & F / I S /equivalent journals.



For international conference in India (SAARC countries)



For international conference in India (Other countries)


Paper Publications:


Indexed and peer reviewed journals (National / International)



Scopus indexed  / equivalent journals



SCI / SCIE/ equivalent journals


Book publications:


Research/ academic Books Published by International Publishers with an established peer review system



Research/ academic Books by national level publishers/State level publishers with ISBN/ISSN numbers.



Research/ academic Books by Other local publishers with ISBN/ISSN numbers.


Honorarium for sponsored projects:


Major Projects amount mobilized with grants
above 15.0 lakhs



Major Projects amount mobilized with grants
Above 10.0 lakhs and up to 15 lakhs.



Major Projects amount mobilized with grants
above 5.0 lakhs and up to 10 lakhs



Minor Projects amount mobilized with grants
above 2.0 lakhs and up to 5 lakhs



Minor Projects amount mobilized with grants
Up to 2.0 lakhs


Honorarium for consultancy projects:


Projects amount mobilized with grants up to 5.0 lakhs



Major Projects amount mobilized with grants up to 2.0 lakhs


The following are the noted publishers, in which our faculty members are publishing their papers:

  • ACM
  • IEEE
  • Elsevier
  • Springer
  • Taylor and Francis
  • ASME
  • Inder science
  • Begell House Inc., USA
  • Scientific Research
  • Thermal-Fluids Central, USA
  • OMICS International, USA
  • Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland
  • Trans stellar journal publications, India/USA
  • Bangladesh Journals
  • Society of Thermal Engineers of Serbia
  • Emerald, UK
  • Research India publications

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