Annamacharya Talent Meet – 2019

Annamacharya Rajampet National Technical and Cultural Fest a 3 day event cultivated positive spirits and brought in talent from Yogi Vemana University, MERITS Udayagiri, CBIT, and IIIT Idupulapaya for technical advancements, its implications, and cultural exchanges.

It renewed energy levels in the students enabling them to accept individual beliefs, preferences, cultural and emotional links helpful in future projects, endeavors and career initiation as well as development.

Attendees observed two Minutes of Silence in respect of Martyrs in Pulwama Attack.

Highlights were the paper and poster presentation on varied topics, inspiring speech by the Chief Guests Telugu Film Actor Suman , Padma Shri Dr. Soba Raju garu -Singer & writer and College Director Mr. C. Abhishek Reddy.

Students shall cherish the guidance and prizes received from the Gurus for their achievements in the respective fields.