Behind the Wheels

Shri C. Gangi Reddy

aits-behind the wheel

Hon’ble Secretary

Completing his Masters in Commerce and being selected in APPSC Group-II, Shri C. Gangi Reddy garu served as a Sub Register in the registration department of AP Government in his initial days. He, later then, became the District Registrar for Ranga Reddy district in the year 2005 and took voluntary retirement in the year 2009.

Gangi Reddy strongly believed in the statement that education brings obedience and as one is growing-up, he/she must be more obedient. Most of the time, people believe in helping others by providing financial help to the others. But he believes in moulding the others such that they can earn themselves. This was the idea which paved the way for the establishment of many educational institutions. It was not limited establishing them, but also bringing them up on sound lines, giving the maximum importance for the maintenance of the standards through effective implementation of rules and regulations.

The State Government of Andhra Pradesh conferred on him “RayalaseemaRatna” award in recognition of his commitment to uplift the rural region of Rayalaseema by means of providing top-class education. C. Gangi Reddy also received the coveted Edupreneur Award 2013 in Awarding Ceremony in New Delhi presided over by DrShashiTharoor, Former Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development, for his outstanding contribution towards engineering education in the JNTU Anantapur region. He is the first person from Kadapa District to receive this honour.

Shri C. Abhishek Reddy

aits-behind the wheel

Executive Director & Treasurer

C. Abhishek Reddy, specialised in International Marketing and Project from UK, vigorously endeavours for the uplift of the students in the region. Being an advisor for an MNC (Halifax Bank of Scotland) in London, he understands the world affairs. With this expertise, he has initiated to build a system in Annamacharya Group as a Treasurer.

As a student coordinator, he visited several countries: France, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, Germany, Belgium, US to understand the educational culture and took the best of each nation. He strives to implement them in Annamacharya Institutions by redefining the concept of education.

Adding to these, he is also an alumni of the London School of Economics and Political Science with specialisation in Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership. His entrepreneurial mind-set is constantly shown in his attempt to establish robust relationships with corporates to enhance Industry- Academia interface.

He is passionate about executing technologies to enhance the performance at different levels. He is focussed to cultivate a research ethos and discipline that nurtures students for personality development and knowledge enhancement. Not just limiting to this, Abhishek Reddy also encourages indoor and outdoor activities to enliven students’ education during their stay at the institute.