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(National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning), is a joint venture of the IITs and IISc, funded by the Ministry of Education (MoE) Government of India, and was launched in 2003. Initially started as a project to take quality education to all corners of the country, NPTEL now offers close to 600+ courses for certification every semester in about 22 disciplines.

NPTEL Open Online courses were established so that students from all around the world may receive direct instruction from professors from prestigious universities (IITs and IISc). Although there is no cost for registration or instruction, there is a nominal exam fee for students who wish to receive a certificate from the IITs. An innovative way to research topics that interest you is through online learning.

Local Chapter for SWAYAM NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) has been established by Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences (Autonomous), Rajampet from July 2016, a project initiated and funded by Ministry of Education, Government of India. NPTEL is a joint initiative between ITs, IlMs and lISc to offer online courses and certification in humanities, basic sciences, computer science and management.

This allows students to join in the NPTEL Courses and the certification exam through which the student gets an opportunity to earn a certificate from the Institutions of National Importance such as IT's, IM's NIT's. The main objective of Local Chapter is to provide wider dissemination of the NPTEL initiatives and integrate MOOCs to mainstream education. The Local Chapter acts as an extended arm of NPTEL. Students are encouraged to enrol in the courses provided in SWAYAM platform under the college local chapter.

This will facilitate our students and faculties to use NPTEL Videos and Web Contents at our campus and also avail the scholarships for certification exams.

    Benefits for Students
  • Credit transfer for MOOC Courses
  • Prepare for GATE Exam
  • Explore new areas of interest
  • Certificate form IT, IISC etc.
  • Placement from pool candidates completing NPTEL Course
    Benefits for Faculty
  • NPTEL Courses as Faculty Development Program (FDP)
  • Explore new areas of interest


Whereas UGC has asked to make amendments required in ordinances, rules, regulations to incorporate UGC (Credit framework for online learning courses through SWAYAM) regulation, 2016 vide its para 7 and Dr.S.M.V.Narayana, Principal, Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences (Autonomous), Rajampet in exercise of the powers conferred on him, has nominated CBCS Credit transfer committee to implement in Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences (Autonomous), Rajampet.

Committee Members

The Committee Comprises of the Following Members

1. Dr. Kishorekumar Nandyala Assistant Professor, Dept. of ME SPOC
2. Mr. V. Haneef, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CE Coordinator
3. Mr. L. Baya Reddy, Assisstant Professor, Dept. of EEE Coordinator
4. Mrs. Nunna Keerthi, Assisstant Professor, Dept. of ME Coordinator
5. Mr. M. Ravi Kishore, Assisstant Professor, Dept. of ECE Coordinator
6. Mrs. D.Sarika, Assisstant Professor, Dept. of CSE Coordinator
7. Dr. J. Krishna, Associate Professor, Dept. of AI&ML Coordinator
8. Mr. Bathina. Venkatesu Goud, Dept. of AI&DS Coordinator
9. Mr. J.Hari Krishna, Dept. of MCA Coordinator
10 Mrs. V. Mouneswari, Dept. of MBA Coordinator
11 Dr. K. Vijay Kumar, Dept. of H&S Coordinator


Our collage has established NPTEL Local chapter with IIT Madras since 2016. Many of our students enroll online courses and take the proctored exam and get the certificates. More than four lakh students from around the world enroll and take the exams. Our students compete and performed well with toppers in the nation and scored elite, silver, gold category.

NPTEL rank the college's rating in accordance with student performance. Our college got 39 rank and “AA” rating in Jan-Apr 2022.

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