Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

About Department

The Department offers a full time Post Graduate M.B.A. programme affiliated to JNTUA, Anantapur governed by AICTE. The MBA programme has started in the year 2008 with excellent infrastructure and an environment that is conducive for learning. It has been a hub of innovative activities and is constantly on the lookout for the opportunities to collaborate with the industry as well as the educational institutions around the globe. It takes pride in its professional and high qualified faculty, modern infrastructure, technology and resources – be it in the fields of Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance and Systems.

The Department has obtained UGC-Autonomous Status in the year 2011 and is running the Management programme successfully, with intake of 300 students. The College Academic Council, Board of Studies of the department strive to provide quality education and most advanced curriculum and syllabus to make the students industry ready and excel in the contemporary business world.

To be a nationally prominent and internationally recognized department in academics and research activities with the aim of developing competitive professionals to serve the society and ever changing industry

S.No. Mission
M1 To provide skill enhancement education that ensure right level of competencies and intellect to face various challenges in the global environment.
M2 To nurture the students with values of commitment, punctuality, positive attitude and discipline that represents the true managerial behaviour.
M3 To provide functional specific knowledge through industry relevant education.
M4 To develop leadership and entrepreneurial behaviour which can bring out innovative solutions.

S.No. Programme Educational Objectives
PEO1 The programme objects to equip students with the fundamentals of management principles and its application in solving business problems.
PEO2 The programme seeks to prepare students with professional skills for employment and lifelong learning in management.
PEO3 The programme students are inculcated with quantitative and qualitative skills to demonstrate competencies in communicating, planning, organizing, decision making and team-based managerial issues.
PEO4 The programme objects to imbibe entrepreneurial spirit and competitive capabilities with a reflection on changing environmental requirements.
PEO5 The programme seeks to produce industry ready students with personal integrity, driven by values and socially responsible citizens.

PO1 Apply management principles and techniques to troubleshoot business problems.
PO1 Apply tools and techniques for decision making in varied business issues.
PO3 Ability to understand, analyse, and communicate global, economic, legal and ethical aspects of business.
PO4 Ability to work diligently as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings using techniques such as case analysis, projects and assignments in the achievement of organisational goals.
PO5 Have an understanding of the global arena and competitive environments thereby identifying, assessing and shaping business opportunities and evaluate their potential for business success.
PO6 Ability to understand the impact of the managerial solutions in societal, economic and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
PO7 Possess the skills required to integrate concepts from various disciplines to identify and develop business strategies.
PO8 Demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills which facilitate in effective implementation and coordination of business processes.

S.No. Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
PSO1 To provide managerial knowledge in the field of marketing, finance, human resources and systems administration.
PSO2 To provide understanding on strategies to be followed for efficient and effective functioning as managers and/or entrepreneurs.
PSO3 To provide industry leaders with strong focus on social, legal and ethical responsibilities of business.

HOD Profile

Dr. P.Krishna Moorthy
Professor & HOD

We offer a host of industry specific and specially crafted courses for our students. Our courses focus on all-around of students in terms of their knowledge, attitudes and skills. The whole curriculum resolves around courses categories into skill generation and value addition enhancing students’ entrepreneurial and employable capabilities. Our courses are designed to provide expertise in the field of Marketing, Finance and Human Resources.

Course Structure

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification
1 Dr. P. Krishna Moorthy Professor & HOD M.B.A., Ph.D.
2 Dr. B. Abdul Azeem Associate Professor M.B.A., Ph.D.
3 Dr. P. Subramanyam Asst. Professor M.B.A., Ph.D.
4 S.Md. Azash Asst. Professor M.H.R.M.
5 K. Subba Reddy Asst. Professor M.B.A.
6 K. Bhaskar Asst. Professor M.B.A.
7 V. Mouneswari Asst. Professor M.B.A.
8 V. Bhagyamma Asst. Professor M.B.A.
9 S. Partha Sarathi Asst. Professor M.B.A.
10 V. Vedavathi Asst. Professor M.B.A.
11 P. Venkata Subbaiah Asst. Professor M.B.A.
12 A. Aswini Asst. Professor M.B.A.
13 Dr. T. Navaneetha Asst. Professor M.B.A., Ph.D.
14 G. Venkata Krishna Reddy Asst. Professor M.B.A.
15 B. Surendra Raju Asst. Professor M.B.A.
16 V. Prathap Reddy Asst. Professor M.B.A.
17 P. Sreenivasula Reddy Asst. Professor M.B.A.
18 K. Kavitha Asst. Professor M.B.A.
19 M. Santhamma Asst. Professor M.B.A.
20 P. Shilpa Asst. Professor M.B.A.
21 H. Sunil Kumar Reddy Asst. Professor M.B.A.
22 M. Siva Sailaja Asst. Professor M.B.A.
23 K. Archana Asst. Professor M.B.A.
24 V. Amala Asst. Professor M.B.A.

SNO. Name Designation Qualifications
1. B.Subbarayudu Sub Staff SSC

Amount of Industrial consultancy earned (in Lakhs of rupees) Nil
No. of Sponsored research projects completed Nil
No. of Patents Produced Nil
No. of Sponsored research projects in progress Nil
No. of papers published in International Journal 21
No. of papers published in National Journal 33
No. of papers presented in International Conference/Seminars 14
No. of papers presented in National Conference/Seminars 30
No. of International Conferences Conducted Nil
No. of National Conferences Conducted 06
No. of Training Programmes/Short Term Courses Conducted 04

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S.No Nature of Seminar/Workshop/FDPs Title Date
1. Student Symposium Annamacharya Talent Meet-2107 20th to 22 March, 2017
2. Workshop National Workshop on Research methodology and Application of SPSS for data analysis 24th to 25March, 2017
3. Seminar National Conference on Marketing and sustainable development 13th to 14 October, 2017

S.No Name of the Faculty Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Year of Publication
1. Dr.P. Krishna Moorthy Vision and Initiative on Part of Human Factor Contributing to Entrepreneurial Development and Success International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Environment Perspectives 2018
2. Dr.P.Subramanyam Impact of Financial Leverage on Firms profitability: An Investigation from coromandel Packaging Ltd of A.P, International journal of Scientific research and review 2018
3. K.SubbaReddy A study on nonperforming assets in selected public sectorand private sector banks in India International Scientific Research and Review (IJSRR) 2018
4. K SubbaReddy Investigating the factors affecting on Adoption of Mobile Commerce among Engineering Students in Andhra Pradesh International Scientific Research and Review (IJSRR) 2018
5. K Bhaskar Investigating the factors affecting on Adoption of Mobile Commerce among Engineering Students in Andhra Pradesh International Journal of Scientific Research and Review 2018
6. Dr.P. Krishna Moorthy Micro Finance in Empowerment of Women: An Empirical Study in Somali Regional state, Ethiopia International Journal of Retailing and Rural Business Perspectives 2017
7. Dr.P.Subramanyam A study on performance of SBI Blue chip fund at SBI mutual funds in India International journal of advance research, ideas and innovations in technology 2017
8. S.MD.Azash Consumer Rights in Civil Sector in India IUP Law Review 2017
9. S.MD.Azash Job Satisfaction A Study on Selected Bank Employees anApplication of Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory Journal of Empirical Research in Management (JERM) 2017
10. S.MD.Azash Industrial Dispute Prevention and Resolution Systems in Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation Institute of Advanced Scientific Research 2017
11. Dr.P. Krishna Moorthy Participation of Women in Socio Economic Development: Selected cases of Somali Regional State, Ethiopia Splint International Journal of Professionals 2016
12. Dr.P.Krishna Moorthy HRD Practices in Government Enterprises in Ethiopia with Special Reference to TVET Colleges, Jigjiga International Journal of Management and Research 2016
13. Dr.P.Subramanyam Micro Finance: A tool for Poverty Alleviation with reference to RASS, Tirupati. EPRA. International Journal of Economics, Business and Management studies 2016
14. Dr.P.Subramanyam Micro Insurance and Vulnerable section of society: Analytical study, BIMS International Journal of Social Science Research 2016
15. Dr.P.Subramanyam Implementing a functional ISO 9000 Quality Management system amount MSMEs in AP BIMS International Journal of Social Science Research 2016
16. Dr.T.Navaneetha Factors influencing Gender Equity and its effect on Women’s Status EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research 2016
17. Dr.T.Navaneetha A study on Attrition of Business Development Executives at Private Sector Banks, Chittoor District International Journal of Management and Social Development 2016
18. Dr.P.Subramanyam Performance Appraisal of Indian Bank-Analytical review MITS International journal of business research 2015
19. Dr.P.Subramanyam Innovation of online marketing in global scenario Growth and development of regional rural banks in India-A review MITS International journal of business research 2015
20. Dr.P.Subramanyam Performance Appraisal of Indian Bank-Analytical review MITS International journal of business research 2015
21. Dr.P.Subramanyam Innovation of online marketing in global scenario MITS International journal of business research 2015
22. Dr.P.Subramanyam Growth and development of regional rural banks in India-A review ACME Intellects international journal of research and management 2015
23. K.Bhaskar Consumer Attitude Towards Car Servicing: A study in Hyderabad Global Journal for Research Analysis 2015
24. K..Bhaskar Impact of Fundamental Factors on Share price Movements – A study on Select listed companies of Indian Manufacturing Industries in Bombay Stock Exchange Indian Journal of Applied Research 2015
25. Dr.T.Navaneetha A study on work-life imbalance of women employees working at educational institutions in Kadapa district of A. P. EPRA International Journal of Environmental economics, commerce and educational management 2015
26. S.MD.Azash Article 21 of theconstitution ofIndia: a foundationof human rights Research India Press 2015
27. S.MD.Azash Role of Market Yard Infrastructure Facilities on Agricultural Producers: A Case Study of Kurnool Market Yard International Journal of marketing 2015
28. Dr.T.Navaneetha Work life balance of employees with reference to Siflon Drugs EPRA International Journal of Economic and Business Review 2015
29. Dr.P.Krishna Moorthy Convergence of FinancialServices: paradigm shift in Business Models International Journal ofEthics in Engineering and Management Education 2014
30. Dr.P. Krishna Moorthy Empowering the poor through Self Help Group Approach: Case studies of Hawassa and Dilla, Ethiopia International Journal of Ethics in Engineering and Management Education 2014
31. Dr.P.Krishna Moorthy Training and its impact on employees in SMEs with special reference to Dilla town and surroundings in Ethiopia The Indian Journal of Management 2014
32. K.Bhaskar Innovations in Rural Marketing of FMCG companies in India An Indexed and Refereed Quarterly Journal 2014
33. Dr.T.Navaneetha Bullying and harassment at work place International Journal of Entrepreneurship andBusiness Environment Perspectives 2014
34. Dr.T.Navaneetha A study on the emotional intelligence of the employees working at private colleges EPRA International Journal of climate and resource economic review 2014
35. K Subbareddy Study on globalization and poverty in India PEZZETTITE Journal 2014
36. Dr. T.Navaneetha Job stress and its impact on Bank employees International journal of Management and Development studies 2014
37 Dr. P.Krishna Moorthy HRD – TheBasic Factor of Success in any Organization; A Case Study of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia International Journal of Global Management (IJGM) 2013
38 Dr. P.Krishna Moorthy Assessingthe effect of BPR on Organizational Performance; A Case Study of Bureau of Finance and Economic Development, Oromiya Regional State, Ethiopia Researchers World 2013
39. Dr. P.Subramanyam Brand Awareness of Big Bazaar Hyper market and its competitor, Hyderabad Samzodhana Journal Management Research 2013
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44. Dr. T.Navaneetha Work-life balance of women employees at educational institutions: An empirical study International Journal of research and Business Innovation 2013
45. Dr. T.Navaneetha A study on safety measures at work place with reference to cement industries in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh International Journal of knowledge and research in Management and E-commerce 2013
46. Dr. T.Navaneetha An investigation on cognitive dissonanace amongst customers visiting super markets in Hyderabad city RVIM Journal of Management research 2013
47. P.Subramanyam and performance Evaluation of IDFC mutual funds: premier sector Equity & strategic sector 50-50 plan A (Growth option) zenith International journal of Business Economics & management Research 2013
48. P.Subramanyam Capacity utilization of micro and small Enterprises in Kadapa District Indian Journal of commerce & management studies 2013
49. Dr. T.Navaneetha A study on quality of work life of employees working at Andhra Pradesh southern power distribution company Ltd” International journal of business and management tomorrow 2013
50. P.Subramanyam Micro, small and medium Enterprises in India – An overview, International journal of Business and Management research 2012
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