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About Innovation and Incubation center

AITS Innovation & Incubation Center is a platform aims towards promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of start-up enthusiasts by providing a healthy ecosystem to promote their ideas, startups and researches into successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Incubation is one of the four proposed stages of creativity, which are preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification; it is a process of unconscious recombination of thought elements that were stimulated through conscious work at one point in time, resulting in novel ideas at some later point in time. In our considered view, innovation and incubation hold the key to sustenance of all entrepreneurial efforts- be it within educational systems or elsewhere. We fervently wish to link innovation and incubation to bring about positive changes in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitiveness as our students, faculty and other stakeholders seek to transform ideas into products or services.

Roles & Responsibilities

The role of our innovation team is to conceive, champion, and carefully develop a new approach that is yet to be tried elsewhere. The team’s composition and dynamics reflect our focus on bring on board professionals with diverse skill set and academic orientation. Every individual is expected to exhibit balance in team-role preferences. Each member is expected to explore inter-disciplinary work groups and scenarios. It is expected that a good mix of individuals with varied preferences will do much to ensure a well-composed team that is able to perform at a high level through all the different stages of process. Hence, we look forward to maintain best standards of professional communication and team work to achieve success in the innovation process.


Ideation is regarded as the creative process that generates, develops and communicates novel ideas, which is understood to be a basic element of thought, visual, concrete, or abstract. Through this platform, we seek to empower all stakeholders to discover ideas in a way similar to the discovery of the real world, from personal experiences. Through the process of ideation, we seek seamless exchange of ideas, and exciting as well as more productive collaboration among students, faculty and prospective entrepreneurs and connect them to real time business mentors and facilitators.


IIC Committee


S.NO Name Designation Department Position
1 Dr.SMV.Narayana Principal CIVIL Chairman
2 Dr. P.B. Chennaiah Associate Professor EEE       Member
3 Dr.T.Naresh Associate Professor CIVIL Member
4 Mr.S.Muqthiyar Ali Assistant Professor EEE Member
5 Mr. G Amarnath Assistant Professor ME Member
6 G.Thirumalaiah Assistant Professor ECE Member
7 O.Narendra Reddy Assistant Professor CSE Member
8 Dr. D.Krishnam Mohan Raju Professor ME Member secretary



S.NO Name of the inventor Patent application number Patent title Patent applied/granted
1 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No.373295 Low Manufacturing Cost Refrigerator Granted on: 30/07/2021
2 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No. 373296 High heat transfer coefficient steam boiler Granted on: 30/07/2021.
3 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No. 65985 A high heat transfer coefficient dry steam condenser Granted on: 03/05/2021
4 Suresh Babu G 202141021654 Performance optimization of reconfigurable manufacturing system using dual step metaheuristic approach Date of Published: 11/6/2021
5 Dr.T.Harikrishna 202111036657 An Artificial Intelligence enabled cryptography based financial analytical tool” Inventor Date of Published:03/09/2021
6 V.SATHYENDRA KUMAR 202241001299, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning based  intelligent system to improve the quality of Video Call Experience Date of Published:04/02/2022
7 Syed Javeed Basha 202141043814 A Connector Module for a VLSI Circuit with a Battery Pack” Inventor Date of Published:05/11/2021
8 Syed Javeed Basha, 202111036217 A System Having Synchronous Signaling for Interfacing VLSI Circuits Date of ublished:03/09/2021
9 Dr. K. Shankar 202141034519 Design and Investigation of Low Power Multi-Threshold CMOS Based Static Ram Cubicle for Modern IOT Applications Date of Published:06/08/2021

S.NO Name of the inventor Patent application number Patent title Patent applied/granted
1 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No.:3330216 An improved air suspension system Granted on: 24/01/2020
2 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No.:336913 An Efficient Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Granted on: 15/05/2020
3 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No.:341133 Practical Isothermal Compression and Isothermal Expansion System Granted on: 10/07/2020
4 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No.:336801 Portable Water Production From Drainage Water Using Reverse Osmosis Technique And Efficient Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Granted on: 13/05/2020
5 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No.: 348025 An Innovative Wax Lamp Granted on: 28/09/2020
6 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No.: 349878 High Heat Transfer Coefficient Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Granted on: 22/10/2020
7 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No.: 350557, Liquid Fuel Injection System In The Form Of Vapour In The I.C.Engines Granted on: 30/10/2020
8 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No.: 353526 Gasket With Self Sealing Pressure Granted on: 11/12/2020.
9 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No.: 353527 Steering Mechanism To Achieve Perfect Steering Using Cams Granted on: 11/12/2020.
10 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent No.:314700 Heat Exchanger to Liberate Coolant Liquid Heat to Atmosphere Granted on: 25/06/2019
11 P.Brundavani 2021100880, An Artificial Neural Network System for Functional MRI Segmentation With CC-BPA Date of Published:7/04/2021.  
12 Dr. P. VEERA SANJEEVA KUMAR 202141016273 Semi automatic pneumatic powered rod bending machine using solenoid valve Date of Published: 23/04/2021
13 Shaik Karimullah 202131004459 A Novel Method of Design of Low Power VLSI Based Viterbi Decoder Using Gate Diffusion Input Date of Published:26/02/2021
14 Shaik Karimullah 202141006425 A Novel Method of Power Reduction in Modified AES Using Bit Encryption and Decryption Transition Scheme on FPGA Date of Published:19/02/2021
15 Shaik Karimullah 202141020084, A Novel Method and System for Designing VLSI Circuitry to Optimize the Integrated Circuit Operation Date of Published:07/05/2021
16 S.Muqthiar Ali 202041055437 :” System and a method for an Intelligent/Automatic Tuning Of Power Converter Of Electric Vehicle For Charging The Battery Thereof” Inventor Date of Published: 25/12/2020
17 Dr.S.Suresh 202141006933 A low cost portable earth detecting safety plug point 19/02/2021
18 Kadiyala Ramana 2020102448, Early Covid Prediction Neuro Fuzzy multi-Layered Data Classifier Date of Published:28/10/2020
19 . Dr.K.Boopalan 202241008657 IOT Driven Machine Learning Model waste Management system for smart cities Date of Published:04/03/2022
20 Dr.K.Riyazuddin 202041051968 Enhancement of quality of service in Wireless Sensor Network by Redundant Sensors Controlling Date of Published:11/12/2020
21 S.Karimullah 202241001416 A Cloud Computing System for Optimizing Virtual Machine Placement and Configuration and Method Thereof Date of Published:28/01/2022

S.NO Name of the inventor Patent application number Patent title Patent applied/granted
1 Dr.M.PadmaLalitha 201941040658 Electric Vehicle Controlling System Using Beagle Bone Black Rev Date of Published: 18/10/2019
2 Dr. S. Suresh, 201941034351 IDP-Path: Intelligent Drone To Provide The Save Travelling Path Date of Published: 20/09/2019
3 Dr.P.Gopi 201941053756 EV-Monitoring System: Real-Time Monitoring System In Electric Vehicle Using IOT-Based Technology Date of Published: 03/01/2020
4 Dr.P.B.Chennaiah 201941037444 IEMG-power bank: intelligent electronics modern gauge ate power bank Date of Published: 27/9/2019
5 Mr.C.Ganesh 202041006941 Electric Motor: Predict and Auto Control the speed, Torque and Power of the Electric Motor Date of Published: 21/02/2020
6 Mr.O.Hemakesavulu 202041008891 Method For Analyzing The Weather Monitoring And Notification System Date of Published: 06/03/2020
7 KadiyalaRamana 201941049665 System and computer implemented methods for analyzing features of digital medical images Date of  Published:20/12/2019
8 Dr.Fahimuddin Shaik 202041011316 Computer-Implemented SystemFor Analyzing Human Brain Images Using Functional Imaging Data Date of Published:27/03/2020
9 Dr.K.Prasad, 202041007351 System for Walking Assistance Device for Visually Impaired Person Using Machine Learning Date of Published:28/02/2020,
10 Dr.K.Prasad 201941051603 IoT Sensors Based Multi-Functional and Intelligent Walk Guiding Sick for Visual Disabled Person Date of Published:20/12/2019
11 Dr.FahimuddinShaik 201941045922 System and Computer Implemented Methods for Analyzing Features to Generate Sleep Disorder Insights Date of Published:29/11/2019
12 Dr.T.Karthikeyan 201941043934 IoT System to Detect and Analyse Gait of an Individual and Method Employed Thereof Date of Published:01/11/2019
13 Dr.T.Karthikeyan 201941036762 Biological Hydration Monitoring System Date of Published:20/09/2019
14 C.Venkatesh 201941033884 Computer Implemented Method and System for Processing Qualitative Imaging to Detect and Forecast Abnormalities Date of Published:20/09/2019
15 S. NazeerHussain 201941021599 Computer-Implemented System for Optimizing Placement and Routing In Very-Large-Scale Integrated Circuit Design Date of Published:09/08/2019
16 P.Syamala Devi 201941054297 Self-Realibility Based Weighted Soft-Bit-Flipping Algorithm for Decoding EG-LDPC Codes Date of Published:09/10/2020
17 J.ChinnaBabu 201941053591 An efficient Arithmetic VLSI Architecture for DWTT Error Approximation Date of Published:18/09/2020

S.NO Name of the inventor Patent application number Patent title Patent applied/granted
1 Dr.KrishnaMohanRaju PatentNo.306245 High temperature isothermal expansion system” Granted on: 24/01/2019
2 Dr.Fahimuddin Shaik 201941008330 Computer Automated Method for detection of Brain Tumor” Inventor Date of Published:15/03/2019
3 Dr.Fahimuddin Shaik 201811041035, Method for Study and detection of tuberculosis Date of Published:23/11/2018
4 .Dr.Fahimuddin Shaik 201841036621 Design and Development of CAD System using IR Thermograph Images to detect Diabetic Foot Date of Published:05/10/2018
5 Dr.Fahimuddin Shaik : 201811027264 Patient health monitoring System 20/07/2018
6 Dr.B.AbdulRaheem 201841004767 Method for medical image analysis Date of Published:16/02/2018
7 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent application No.2852/CHE/2008. Modified Air Suspension System Patent Applied
8 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent application No.2856/CHE/2008. Parallel Steel Wheel And Tyre Wheel Axles System To Travel The Vehicle Both On Rails And On Road Patent Applied
9 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patent applicationo.2857/CHE/2008 Variable Capacity Reciprocating Piston Mechanism Patent Applied
10 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju Patentapplication  n No.1281/CHE/2009 Air Cooler Without Water Pump And Mats” Inventor Patent Applied
11 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1284/CHE/2009 Energy saving Radiator Patent Applied
12 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1285/CHE/2009 Energy saving Cooking Vessel And Stove Patent Applied
13 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1286/CHE/2009 Multiple Worm And Worm wheel Mechanism For Lifting High Loads Patent Applied
14 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1287/CHE/2009 System To Deliver Compressed Air At Constant Pressure From Storage Tank Patent Applied
15 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1290/CHE/2009 Refrigeration System Using Practical Isothermal Compression System Patent Applied
16 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1291/CHE/2009. Practical Ericson Cycle Engine ”Inventor Patent Applied
17 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1292/CHE/2009 Thermal Power Plant Using Steam As Working Fluid With Iso thermal Expansion System Patent Applied
18 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1293/CHE/2009 Liquid Fuel Injection System In The Form of Vapour In The I.C. Engines. Patent Applied
19 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1294/CHE/2009. Lifting Mechanism Using Hydraulic Motor And Multiple Worm And Worm Wheel Mechanism Patent Applied
20 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1295/CHE/2009. Distilled Water Production Using Efficient Counter Flow Heat Exchanger And Compressor” Patent  Applied
21 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1296/CHE/2009 Clothe Pressing Iron For Reducing Human Effort Patent  Applied
22 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1298/CHE/2009. An Innovative Tube Light Frame” Patent  Applied
23 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1299/CHE/2009. CombinedSteelWheelAndTyreWheelSystemToTravelTheVehiclesBothOnRailsAndOnRoad Patent  Applied
24 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1300/CHE/2009. High Heat Transfer Coefficient Steam Condenser Patent  Applied
25 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1301/CHE/2009 Collapsible Front and Rear Attachments To Automobiles For Reducing Wind Friction Patent  Applied
26 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1302/CHE/2009. Power Saving Fan ”Inventor Patent  Applied
27 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1303/CHE/2009 Heat Pump Using Practical Isothermal Compression And Isothermal Expansion Systems Patent  Applied
28 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1305/CHE/2009 Practical Isothermal Compression System Using Hydraulic Pump And Practical Isothermal Expansion System Using Hydraulic Turbine Patent  Applied
29 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1307/CHE/2009 Multi-Purpose Electric Prime Mover For Home Needs Patent  Applied
30 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1308/CHE/2009. An Innovative Compact Foldable Trolley Patent  Applied
31 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1309/CHE/2009. Pressurized Water Tank Patent  Applied
32 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentapplicationNo.1310/CHE/2009 An Efficient Continuous Variable Transmission System Patent  Applied
33 D.Krishna Mohan Raju& Dr. .JayachandraReddy PatentapplicationNo.1311/CHE/2009. Design Of Collapsible Wind Friction Reduction Attachments To Motor Bike For Better Fuel Economy” Patent  Applied
34 D.Krishna Mohan Raju& Dr. G. JayachandraReddy PatentApplicationNo.1704/CHE/2012 Design Of Collapsible Wind Friction Reduction Attachments To Truck For Better Fuel Economy Patent  Applied
35 D.Krishna Mohan Raju& Dr. G.JayachandraReddy PatentApplicationNo.1705/CHE/2012 Design Of Collapsible Wind Friction Reduction Attachments To The Rear Portion Of A Car For Better Fuel Economy Patent  Applied
36 D. Krishna Mohan Raju& Dr. G. JayachandraReddy PatentApplicationNo.2988/CHE/2012 Design Of Efficient Low Wind Friction Drag Truck For Better Fuel Economy” Patent  Applied
37 D.Krishna Mohan Raju & Dr. G. JayachandraReddy PatentApplicationNo.2989/CHE/2012 Design Of Efficient And Economical Low Wind Friction Drag Bike For Family Patent  Applied
38 D.KrishnaMohanRaju   & Dr.G.JayachandraReddy PatentApplicationNo.2987/CHE/2012 Design Of Efficient Low Wind Friction Drag Bus For Better Fuel Economy Patent  Applied
39 D.Krishna Mohan Raju& Dr.VijaykumarReddy PatentApplicationNo.5475/CHE/2012 Design of Low cost operating mechanism to open and close the collapsible wind friction reduction attachments Patent  Applied
40 D.KrishnaMohanRaju &Dr.K.VijaykumarReddy PatentApplicationNo.:5476/CHE/2012 Design of Highly compact fold able cot Patent  Applied
41 D.Krishna MohanRaju, & Dr. G.JayachandraReddy PatentApplicationNo.1158/CHE/2014 Liftable vehicle body bottom skirt along with front and rear collapsible wind friction reduction attachments Patent  Applied
42 D.KrishnaMohanRaju PatentApplicationNo.1159/CHE/2014 Energy Efficient Air Conditioning system by combining with Air Cooler Patent  Applied
43 D.Krishna MohanRaju,& Dr. G.Jayachandra Reddy PatentApplicationNo.1160/CHE/2014 Low cost operating mechanism to open and close the collapsible wind friction reduction attachments of a Bike with attachments Patent  Applied
44 D.Krishna MohanRaju, & Dr. G.JayachandraReddy, PatentApplicationNo.1161/CHE/2014 Low cost operating mechanism to slide the front portion glasses of vehicle provided with collapsible wind friction reduction attachments for better visibility Patent  Applied
45 D.Krishna Mohan Raju &Dr.K.VenkataSubbaiah PatentApplicationNo.3586/CHE/2015. Low cost Automatic Two Axis Tracking System For Big Solar Dish Collectors Patent  Applied
46 D.KrishnaMohanRaju PatentApplicationNo.201641044048 Efficient Air Conditioning Using Evaporative Cooling Combined With Mixed Type Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Patent  Applied
47 D.KrishnaMohan Raju PatentApplicationNo.201741005005 Modified Cooling Tower To Produce Cool Water Below The Wet Bulb Temperature Economically Patent  Applied
48 Dr.D.Krishna Mohan Raju PatentApplicationNo.201841005187 A cooling system for solar photovoltaic power plant with parabolic reflectors Patent  Applied
49 Dr.D.KrishnaMohanRaju PatentApplicationNo.201841005188 A low cost prime axis tracking system for 1Megawatt solar power plant with or without Patent  Applied
50 Dr.D.KrishnaMohan Raju PatentApplicationNo.201841005191 A low cost and energy efficient evaporative cooling system Patent  Applied
51 Dr.D.KrishnaMohan Raju PatentApplicationNo.201841005193 A low co stand energy efficient dry cooling system Patent  Applied
52 Dr.D.KrishnaMohan Raju PatentApplicationNo.201841029489 A high speed isothermal compression and expansionsystemusingliquidasheatexchangingfluidbetweenreciprocatingsystemandheatsource/heatsink Patent  Applied
53 Dr.D.KrishnaMohan Raju PatentApplicationNo.201841029491 An economical and efficient liquid air energy storageandretrievalsystemsuitabletostoretheenergyinlargescaleincombinationwithsolarandwindmills Patent  Applied

Patents granted

Patents granted


Event Organized

Academic year 2020-2021

S. No. Name of the Event Event title Total No. of Participants Event Date Resource Person
1. Webinar Facilities provided by the Innovation and Incubation center for Inventors 119 03/08/2020 Dr.G.Jayachandra Reddy Principal, Yogi vemana University College of Engineering, Proddatur, Kadapa.  
2. Webinar How to plan for Start-up and legal & Ethical Steps 106 5/10/2020 Dr.T.Naresh Kumar Professor, Civil Engineering Dept., AITS, Rajampet – 516126.
3. Webinar Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and IP management for start- up 155 4/1/2021 Dr. D. Krishna Mohan Raju, Professor, AITS (Autonomous), Rajampet-516126, YSR KADAPA.
4. Webinar Innovation and Startups   121 20/4/2021 Mr. R. Ramakrishna Reddy, Professor, KSRMCE (Autonomous), YSR KADAPA.
5. Webinar Motivation for Inventions and Funding opportunities for Inventors 113 24/7/2021 Prof.H.Purushotham, DPIIT-IPR Chair, Andhra University, Former Chairman of National Research Development Corporation.
6. Webinar Recent Advances in Iron Making Technology 117 29/8/2021 Mr.S.Murali Mohan Babu, Associated Vice President, Sri Kalahasthi Pipes Ltd., Kalahasthi, Chittoor District, A.P.
7. Ideas Competitions   7 batches, No. of students-19 13/8/2020  
  Ideas Competitions   6 batches, No. of students-15 15/10/2020  
  Ideas Competitions   5 batches, Students - 15 29/1/2021  
  Ideas Competitions   7 batches, Students - 19 26/4/2021  


Academic year 2019-2020

S.No. Name of the Event Event title Total No. of Participants Event Date Resource Person
1. Workshop A Special Talk on Innovation – new economic challenges 190 11/2/2020 Dr.K.Pavan, (young scientist), CEO & Managing Director, Pavan Empower Solutions, Palamaner, Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh state.
  2 Workshop Enterprise and Startup Development 280 17/07/2019 M.Sathish Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Aic Sku Confederation, An Atal Incubation Centre, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ananthapuramu, Andhra Pradesh State.
3. Ideas Competitions   35 batches, No. of students-55 31/7/2019 &1/8/2019 -
4 Ideas Competitions   21 batches, No. of students-48 19/9/2019 -
5 Ideas Competitions   8 batches, Students - 20 10/1/2020 -
6 Progress review meeting for the selected batches.     3/1/2020 -


Academic year 2018-2019

S. No. Name of the Event Event title Total No. of Participants Event Date Resource Person
1 Workshop Workshop  on Lakshmi asuyanthram – Empowering rural youth   270 28/7/2018 Shri.CH.Mallesham, Inventor of  Lakshmi asuyanthram, Padmasree awardee, Pochampalli, Telangana State.
2 Workshop Workshop on innovations, startups and intellectual property rights 290 03/12/2018 Dr.Bijaya Kumar Sahu  Ph.D.,(JNU) Head NRDC, Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (IPFC), National Research Development Corporation, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh State.
3 Ideas Competitions   8 batches, No. of students-31 27/8/2018 -
4 workshop How to prepare a Good Research Project Proposal for various DST schemes                    80 1/9/2018 Dr.P.R.Hariharan, Technical Officer, DSIR, D.S.T, Delhi.
5 webinar India First Leadership Talk Series on  Innovation, leadership and achievements 120 8/1/2019 Shri. Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group
6 webinar Planning for Career, Future industry trends and Startup                  60 24/1/2019 Dr. Anand Deshpande, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director Persistent Systems Ltd.
7 Ideas Competitions   6 batches, No. of students-11 14/3/2019 -
S.No Name of the Event Event Title Total No. of Participants Event Date Resource person
1 Workshop Workshop on Innovation, entrepreneurship and incubation 207 20/7/2017 Dr.M.Surya kalavathi, JNTUH. Hyderabad
2 Ideas Competition Innovative product development contest 160 14/7/2017 & 28/2/2018
1 Workshop Workshop on Innovative, entrepreneurship and startup 181 21/7/2016 Dr.B.Sudheer Prem kumar, Professor, JNTUH, Hyderabad
2 Ideas Competition Innovation challenge design contest 135 8/7/2016 & 20/2/2017
1 Workshop Workshop on Establishment of Innovation and Incubation center 195 24/7/2015 Dr. G.Jayachandra Reddy, Principal, Yogi Vemana University College of Engineering , Proddatur, Kadapa (DT)
2 Ideas Competition Ideas Competition 140 8/9/2015 & 25/2/2016


Memorandum of understanding (MoU)

  1. MoU between Annamacharya institute of technology and sciences, Rajampet and an AIC-SKU confederation, Sri Krishnadevaraya University campus, Anantapur on 9/7/2019.
  2. MoU between Annamacharya institute of technology and sciences, Rajampet and National Research Development Corporation, New Delhi on 27/4/2019.
  3. MoU between Annamacharya institute of technology and sciences, Rajampet and Andhra Pradesh skill Development Corporation (First party), European Center for Mechatronics APS GMBH Aachen (second party) on 28/2/2019.
  4. MoU between Annamacharya institute of technology and sciences, Rajampet and GC German Centre for Engineering and Management Studies UG Aachen and European Center for Mechatronics APS GmbH Aachen on 14/9/2018.




Event organized