People of all ages take part in sports. Sports are fun and relaxation from our monotonous daily existence. Some people like sports which make them think and some which make them sweat. Team sports need fast action and team work. Team work teaches people how to work with others towards a common goal.

All sports are competitive and exciting. A Good sportsman is a person who can win without boasting and who can accept defeat with good grace. Games are also rituals, pattern and symbols of life. Health and prosperity of the nation is reflected in the activities and programs. They are carried out and in which masses are found engaged in. The more constructive, concrete, and creative nature of these activities is maintained, the better can be anticipated in terms of health and prosperity of the people.


  • Table Tennis Hall with latest flat tables (2 nos.) and quality rackets and balls.
  • Chess / Carom Boards.
  • Yoga hall.
  • Judo hall with 18 stag mats.
  • GYM Center (Under construction)
  • Two Badminton Courts (fully cemented )
  • Four Volley Ball courts.
  • Two Lawn Tennis courts (Cemented)
  • Foot Ball Field.
  • Throw Ball ground (Fully Cemented).
  • Basket Ball court (fully cemented with fiber glass board).
  • 400 miters running Track.
  • Cricket field.
  • 3 Ball Badminton Ground.
  • Open space for long jump and high jump.
  • Handball Court.

Laughters Club introduced in the year 2006 on behalf of physical education department at this institute to make the faculty and students healthy & Fit.

Inter University Representations

S.No. Name of the Student Year & Branch Name of the Game Academic Year
1 S Jaya Krishna II B.Tech. ME Foot Ball 2004-2005
2 S Jaya Krishna III B.Tech. ME Foot Ball 2005-2006
3 M Siva Sai Kumar IV B.Tech. ME Hockey 2006-2007
4 K Dastagiri I B.Tech. CSE Hockey 2006-2007
5 P Papaiah III B.Tech. CSE Athletics 2007-2008
6 P Papaiah IV B.Tech. CSE Athletics 2008-2009
7 K Dastagiri III B.Tech. CSE Hockey 2008-2009
8 U Mohammed Kasim II M.B.A Shuttle Badminton 2010-2011
9 U Mohammed Kasim II M.B.A Table Tennis 2010-2011
10 S Sumiya Anjum II B.Tech. ECE Table Tennis 2010-2011
11 K Mahesh IV B.Tech. ECE Ball Badminton 2010-2011
12 M Reddy Sravani III B.Tech. ECE Hand Ball 2011-2012
13 S Ghouse Basha II M.Tech. EPS Hockey 2011-2012
14 K Jaya Prakash III B.Tech. EEE Foot Ball 2012-2013
15 M Sreeharsha Kumar III B.Tech. IT Hand Ball 2012-2013
16 K Mohan Raj IV B.Tech. ME Table Tennis 2012-2013
17 S Sumiya Anjum IV B.Tech. ECE Table Tennis 2012-2013
18 B Shanthi II B.Tech. ECE JUDO 2012-2013
19 B Shanthi III B.Tech. ECE JUDO 2013-2014
20 Sobhin Zacharia I B.Tech. ME JUDO 2013-2014
21 T Krishna Murthy IV B.Tech. EEE Ball Badminton 2013-2014
22 S Mynuddin III MCA Ball Badminton 2013-2014
23 S Lakshmi Pravallika IV B.Tech. ECE Ball Badminton 2013-2014
24 V Lakshmi Priya III B.Tech. CSE Ball Badminton 2013-2014
25 M Sindhu Sagar Matha III B.Tech. CSE Ball Badminton 2013-2014
26 C Reddy Balaji Reddy IV B.Tech. EEE Tack wondo 2013-2014
27 M. Sriharsha IV B.Tech. IT Hand Ball 2013-2014
28 C. Vamsi Krishna IV B.Tech. CSE Table Tennis 2013-2014
29 V Lakshmi Priya IV B.Tech. CSE Ball Badminton 2014-2015
30 P R Bhanu IV B.Tech. ECE Ball Badminton 2014-2015
31 K Kalpana II B.Tech. EEE Handball 2014-2015
32 L BHAVANA IV B.Tech. ME Handball 2014-2015
33 J SWATHI I B.Tech. C S E Handball 2014-2015
34 K K RAMUDU II B.Tech. EEE Handball 2014-2015
35 V Tharuni II B.Tech. CSE Volley Ball 2014-2015
36 K Kalpana II B.Tech. EEE Volley Ball 2014-2015
37 B Santhi IV B.Tech. ECE JUDO 2014-2015
38 Sobin Zacharia II B.Tech. ME JUDO 2014-2015
39 Mr. D. Yaswanth Nikhil II B.Tech. ECE Hand Ball 2015-2016
40 Mr. D. Goutham Akhil II B.Tech. Civil Hand Ball 2015-2016
41 Ms. K. Kalpana III EEE Volley Ball 2015-2016
42 Ms. V. Tharuni III CSE Volley Ball 2015-2016
43 Ms. Prathyusha Chowdary I CSE Volley Ball 2015-2016
44 Ms. Prathyusha Chowdary I CSE Hand Ball (Women) 2015-2016
45 Ms. K. Kalpana III EEE Hand Ball (Women) 2015-2016
46 Ms. K. Bhagya Lakshmi II by MBA Hand Ball (Women) 2015-2016
47 Mr. Sobin Zacharia III MECH JUDO 2015-2016
48 Mr. P. Sai Teja II MECH JUDO 2015-2016
49 Mr. K. Viswanadha Reddy I MECH JUDO 2015-2016
50 Ms. B. Bujji III ECE JUDO 2015-2016
51 Ms. A. Tanuja III ECE JUDO 2015-2016
52 Ms. A. Srihalya II EEE JUDO 2015-2016
53 Ms. N. Mounica III CSE Ball Badminton

( Women)

54 Ms. N. Mounica III CSE Ball Badminton

( Women)

55 Ms. V. Tharuni III CSE Ball Badminton

( Women)

56 Ms. M. Tejeswini III ECE Ball Badminton

( Women)

57 Mr. M. Viswanadha Naik II MECH Ball Badminton (Men) 2015-2016

Sports Council

AITS has formed the sports council for the smooth conduct of the sports events thorough out the year. Structure of the sports council.

Director: Chairman
Principal: Vice-Chairman
Physical Director: Secretary
Coordinator: Member
Sports in-charge from all Departments: Member
Girl nominee: Member
Chief Student Coordinator: Member

Dr. G. Prabhakara Rao: Chairman
Dr SMV Narayana: Vice-Chairman
Sri B. Naga Muni: Secretary
Dr. N.Mallikharjuna Rao: Coordinator
Dr. B. Balanagendra Prasad: Staff Representative
Sri M. Maruthy Prasad: Staff Representative
Mr. Shobin Jacharia: VI B.Tech (ME)
Miss. K Kalpana: VI B.Tech (EEE)

Physical Director

Physical Director