Student Welfare Committee

The student's welfare committee was constituted in our college in the year 2011.


Principal shall be the chairman of Student's Welfare Committee. Coordinator of student activities shall be the convener.
The Presidents, secretaries and joint secretaries of all the association of the college, the class representatives, the office bearers of N.S.S and General captain and Vice-captain of sports and Games are the members of Student Welfare Committee.
The presidents are the teachers nominated by the respective head of the department. All the other members are students elected by the members of the respective association.

Term of the Member

The nominated teacher will hold office two years


The committee shall meet at least twice in a semester.


The committee shall advise the Principal, the governing body and the academic council on Cultural activities in the campus.

Ways and means to implement different Programmes and the general welfare activities with regard to the students.

Student's requests and grievances.

Co-curricular activities, carrier guidance, counseling and Other Programmes beneficial to student development.


  • Coordinate the policies and procedures of the admissions to the various under-graduate and post-graduate courses as prescribed by the institute.
  • Coordinate the admission process in the institute.
  • Coordinate the admission of the students in various class rooms.
  • Assist Principal in supervising and controlling the Hostels of all students by coordinating the activities of the Wardens.
  • Deal with the matters of management, overall discipline and conditions of living in the Hostels.
  • Coordinate the activities of the different bodies concerning student welfare.
  • Advise the institute on the nomination of student representatives on various bodies of the institute.
  • Supervise and/ or organize the co-curricular and sports activities in the Campus.
  • Issue the travel concession to the students and shall recommend the educational tours/ excursions of the students.
  • Supervise and/ or organize the career guidance and other counselling facilities for the welfare of the students.
  • Supervise and/ or organize such programs and activities which shall strengthen the students- teacher relationship, student- administration, student- society relationships.
  • Undertake such other duties and responsibilities relating to the welfare of the students as directed by the Principal from time to time.

Student Welfare Committee

S. No. Description Designation
1 Prof M Subba Rao Dean, Student affairs Coordinator
2 C Ganesh Asst. Prof, Dept of EEE Member
3 P Syamala Devi Asst. Prof, Dept of ECE Member
4 G Suresh Babu Asst. Prof, Dept of ME Member
5 M Nageswara Prasadu Asst. Prof, Dept of CSE Member
6 M Rajesh Asst. Prof, Dept of AI&DS Member
7 N R Gowthami Asst. Prof, Dept of CE Member
8 Dr K Janardhan Asst. Prof, Dept of H&S Member
9 C Sasidhar Asst. Prof, Dept of Computer Applications Member
10 K Bhaskar Asst. Prof, Dept of Business Administration Member