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6 sectors of the society where the importance of an Engineer cannot be missed

The human race has come a long way. From discovering the fire to now building human counterparts in the form of robots - human beings are leaving no stones unturned to make the living easier and sustainable. Engineers play an important part in all of these.

Engineering is considered as one of the most important disciplines of study in the current world. And its importance is felt around by almost everybody across the world. Without the adoption of Engineering practices, no country will evolve and be able to heighten its economy.

An Engineer is a person who develops ways through his/her scientific knowledge, mathematics, experiments, intuition and judgement to use materials or forces of nature economically for a sustainable future of mankind. And their applications are observed anywhere and everywhere. With their innovative, imaginative minds, Engineers give a lot to the betterment of society.

The major contributions of an Engineer can be experienced in the fields of the following -

Healthcare sector -

Without any doubt, every health department of the world firmly depends on the achievements of the Engineers. It is also true that without the doctors and pharmacists, the healthcare sector is nothing but, the equipment used for diagnosis or that are there at the hospitals and other healthcare facilities are made by Engineers. From computers, surgical instruments, to the stethoscope, diagnostic instruments, without the Engineers or the Engineering principles, nothing would have been possible. Information technology, Machine learning and other Engineering tools have even made the diagnosis, surgeries and other healthcare applications easy and effective.

Agricultural sector -

Earlier, agriculture was about people working hard to grow crops to eat and feed. However, with the evolution of time, tractors, irrigation, fertilizers and agricultural tools came into existence and cultivation has become a lot efficient and easier. Moreover, advanced technologies like drones, vertical farming, CRISPR, genetic editing, automation and others have revolutionized the agriculture practices across the world. And all the credit goes to the Engineers who devote themselves towards research and bringing innovations for the humankind.

Automobile sector -

One of the most impacted areas of society is the automobile sector. A few thousand years ago, one could never imagine travelling from one place to another in a vehicle. Now, one can travel through air transport, water transport and land transport. Engineers have made all of these possible. And technological innovations by the Engineers have come so far that there are bio-gas driven automobiles, autonomous cars and ships. They are being manufactured and tested so that transportation becomes easier and sustainable.

Banking sector -

Sometimes people wonder, what an Engineer's job might be at a Bank. Well, banks have advanced and are embracing technological innovations and various software that are founded and maintained by Engineers. Gone are the days where one used to count notes manually or recorded ledgers with pen and paper. Now, from securing theft to money transactions all are done with the help of machines, software and technologies, discovered and implemented by Engineers.

Marketing sector -

The marketing sector is the area where a business is promoted. These promotional services are evolving regularly and digitalization is creating a huge impact on the betterment of the sector. This digitalization is brought upon by the Engineers and digital marketing is taking over the world by a storm. Moreover, the spur in the e-commerce industry is also due to the digitalization that has made shopping and selling over the internet easier, cheap and secured.

Educational sector -

Engineers have also made a mark in the Educational sector of the world. From the integration of computer and digital learning in various school across the world to implementation of the study of robotics, various latest technologies, coding and others - Engineers have made study interactive, efficient and fun.

Engineering as a profession is one of the most lucrative opportunities in the 21st century. Engineers have the ability to change the course of the Earth and constantly upgrade modern society to make it more convenient and sustainable for the next generation.

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